‘Colonel’ Ludo Hauls His Fried Chicken to Street Food Fest

Photo: Ludo Lefebvre

After recently dreaming that Ludo Lefebvre would become the next Colonel Sanders, the chef told Grub Street, “Maybe I should just open a fried chicken place. Pierre Gagnaire might choke if he heard that.” Someone better check in on Gagnaire this morning, as Ludo, his former apprentice, is bringing his in-demand boneless fried chicken recipe to next week’s street food festival. Calling this his “smallest kitchen yet,” Ludo will team up with Mobi-Munch and concentrate on preparing just this one dish for the certain mob to come. We’re not sure what Chef Lefebvre has to do with street food exactly (though LAist says he will be cooking bite-size nuggets in a truck), but who cares? A wider audience could only help push the chicken chain of dreams into reality.

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