Cesare Casella Ditches Pig Cheek for Weight Watchers

Photo: Melissa Hom

Here’s another sliver of news about Pulino’s: Nightline says there’ll be a “light, healthy breakfast”! It seems Nate Appleman, who once weighed 245 pounds but snapped out of it after the birth of his son and now runs half-marathons, is one of a handful of food personalities who’ve recently come out on the winning side of the battle of the bulge (others include Art Smith, Bobby Flay, Alton Brown, and Rocco DiSpirito). Even Josh “Mr. Cutlets” Ozersky recently told Fork in the Road that he’s cutting back, though he said of his gout, “I was so delighted to have that, since it was such an ailment of the decadent and portly … depraved sybarites.” Next up: Cesare Casella, the larger-than-life (and XXX-large) chef who helms Salumeria Rosi. He’s joining Weight Watchers, of all things, but only temporarily — after he loses twenty pounds, he plans to gain it all back. Whatever floats your boat!

Would You Trust a 145-Pound Chef? [ABC News]