Bruce Buschel Seeks Chef for Hamptons Restaurant


Aspiring Hamptons restaurateur Bruce Buschel is chronicling his efforts for the Times, and yesterday posted that he’s having trouble finding, or keeping, a chef. He planned to partner with the Almond team of chef Jason Weiner and co-owner Eric Lemonides, but that triumvirate has apparently dissolved. “Restaurant people can be very touchy,” Beschel writes. But could that be because he expected so much of his chef? “A chef would help finish the kitchen design, the menu, selection of plates and silverware; a chef would help complete the Web site, commence the public relations campaign, allow me some sleep again.” At least three of those items are not necessarily in a chef’s job description, even if he is an equity partner. Now Buschel is publicly wooing former Oceana chef Rick Moonen, who is now cooking fish in Las Vegas.

Too Many Chefs Spoil the Dream [You’re the Boss/NYT]