BreadBar Fails to Catch Santa Monica’s Drift

Hatchi Roku didn't take off like its inspiration

The pop-up trend we figured would proliferate through 2010 has already taken a whacking. BreadBar Santa Monica is officially closed after three months. The restaurant’s brief reopen had a cool concept, housing one up-and-coming chef for a month-long residency where thematic menus would change nightly, in a variation on the Century City location’s Hatchi Series.

Hatchi Roku didn't take off like its inspiration

Eater reports the shutter follows "technical difficulties," while we’re pretty sure launching anything in December guarantees a rough start. We certainly don’t want to point to the selection of a highly talented and health-conscious chef to start the series, but a few foie gras beignets might have helped Hatchi Roku "drift" into the fast lane. Ricardo Zarate fans can now shed a tear over the sixteen individual menus he won’t be cooking there this month. Bloody Bill, as we understand, is still popping-up every week at Libertine.

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