Brady Duhame Leaves Robert

Photo: Emilie Baltz

After just two months, the chef at Robert in the Museum of Arts and Design is gone. Brady Duhame and Ark Management CEO Michael Weinstein parted ways this week after a philosophical disagreement. “We were pumping out the numbers and they wanted to add more covers,” sighs Duhame. “I wanted something more contemporary and a little higher end. As a chef, I wanted to do my dream food and make the owners happy by making money, but Michael’s restaurants aren’t chef-driven, and the adjustments they wanted to make were taking me out of the dishes.”

Matt Kauffman, Robert’s sous-chef, has taken over the kitchen. “Matt shows spark and we want to support him,” says Weinstein. “Brady is a good guy and a very fine chef, but we had a different management style. There is no question that I have an ego about it, but I’ve been successful and I try to make decisions that are right for my investment and my shareholders.”