Black Market Quietly Starts Serving Oysters and LaFrieda Burgers Tomorrow


We just spoke to a rather tight-lipped owner of Black Market, the lounge that replaces Pizza Shop today. He told us he wasn’t doing press but couldn’t help revealing that the crux of the menu, which launches tomorrow, will be cheeseburgers and oysters. Somewhere around ten dishes will be served from Tuesday through Sunday, 6 p.m. till midnight, including a salad and a shrimp cocktail. Oh, and real cocktails by Sam Anderson of Hotel Delmano. The food won’t be anything fancy, but count on “excellent purveyors” (Pat LaFrieda, in the case of the cheeseburger). No reservations accepted unless (we can only assume) you’re the type who can step to the door of the owners’ other place Cabin Down Below without hearing the words “private party.” But starting tomorrow, walk-ins are welcome at the room’s 60 seats. But take note: According to Eater, the roll-down gates will remain closed while the restaurant is opened, so look for the door to the right.

Black Market, 110 Avenue A, nr. 7th St; 212-614-9798