Batali Designs Menus for Six Eataly Restaurants

Photo: Patrick McMullan

Following yesterday’s news about a rooftop brewpub at Eataly, Time drops some more details about the operation. There will be “a meat restaurant, a fish one, a pasta and pizza operation, a vegetable restaurant, a panino bar, and a brewery / gastropub on the roof deck,” and Batali (who will design menus for all restaurants for the first time since Otto) is especially excited about the meat restaurant helmed by Mike Toscano. It will “feature two kinds of beef: a grass-fed Italian piedmontese variety in various raw preparations (‘tartare, carpaccio, a little raw meat salad with apples … ’), as well as a grain-fed ‘super beef’ engineered for use in Carnevino by beef guru Adam Perry Lang.” Batali also promises “peppery calves’ tongue, two meat pastas with meat sauces — actually meat juices! — plus two ribeye steaks … ”

Mario Batali, Celebrity Chef, Gets Back to Cooking [Time]