Balthazar Bakery Lends a Hand at Pulino’s, Now Three Weeks Away

Photo: Getty Images

As the Post makes clear by drumming up a battle royale between old-school and new-school pizzerias (Johns of Bleecker triumphs over Kest!), you cant walk two blocks without getting pied in the face by a Neapolitan these days, so its with some relief that we discover, via Slice, that Nate Applemans product at Pulinos (made in a gas oven that can be supplemented with wood) wont be more of the same: He says hes been working with the bakers at McNallys Balthazar Bakery, and theyve come up with a dough that yields crust that's ultra thin yet remains crisp and, he says, exhibits no tip sag. Appleman put out a second hiring call on Twitter yesterday, so its clear he wont be opening in the immediate future he tells Slice three weeks (and told us March 9, to be precise).

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