Angostura Anguish: Bitters Shortage Drives Woman to Crime


With all the recent hand-wringing over the Angosturapocalypse (most recently, an Observer article on February 12), we were surprised to find jumbo $15 bottles at Spuyten Duyvil Grocery this weekend. Apparently, however, a woman who walked into Clover Club during a recent afternoon (described as being in her early 30s with long, sandy brown hair) didn’t have our shopping luck, because as proprietress Julie Reiner tells it, after making sure no one was around, she pinched a bottle from behind the bar.

“My brother was on a computer in the back,” Reiner says. “He watched her take the bottle of bitters and stick it in her bag, at which point he confronted her. She was really embarrassed that she got caught. She pulled the bottle out and had this whole meltdown about how she was having a party and wanted to make Manhattans, and then she just ran out the door.” Amazing! So the days of poaching swill from behind the bar at Mars Bar have passed, but cocktailians are still keeping it real in Carroll Gardens. Hey, we understand you have hungry party kids to feed, but next time, maybe make piña coladas instead?