After Sandwiches, Burgers, and Dogs, Danny Omari Tries Fried Chicken

Photo: Daniel Maurer

After opening up a hamburger shop, then a sandwich shop, and then a hot-dog shop on MacDougal Street, Danny Omari is replacing hot dogs with the only thing left in the comfort-food realm (well, except for pizza) — new signage at 111 MacDougal indicates that it will soon be lived a brief life as Red Basket, a “crispy chicken sandwich” shop. It’s uncertain whether the lawsuit that Chicago’s Superdawg filed against Super Hot Dog had anything to do with this, but probably not. Either way, the city has lost what might just be its only fruit-topped dogs.

Correction: Further research indicates that Red Basket actually opened a few months ago. (Somehow we missed its ad on YouTube). It’s uncertain whether its closing is permanent.