A Rose Is a Rose Is a Fish?

Courtesy of Suzanne Parker

Sorry, PR folk, we just can’t bring ourselves to publish any of the “aphrodisiac menus” that have been littering our in-box like (let’s just say it) used condoms. Especially now that a study cited in the Times has more or less debunked the whole idea. Sure, we’re a little intrigued by the new oyster truffle at Vosges, but at the end of the day it just seems more contrived than inspired. And yet somehow, when the mayor of Queens, Joe DiStefano, points us to a Qingdao restaurant in Flushing that serves fish topped with mayo and rose petals, we perk up. Maybe because it’s been on the menu all along? Still, it’s a timely dish given that Chinese New Year and Valentine’s fall on the same day this year.

Romance and Regional Chinese at Lu Xiang Yuan [Edible Queens]