Fossilized 140-Year-Old Hot Dog Unearthed in Coney Island [Updated: Hoax]


As expected, the demolition of the Feltman’s building (once home to a restaurant owned by hot-dog pioneer Charles Feltman, where Nathan Handwerker of Nathan’s got his start) began in Coney Island this week. Curbed has some photos of the destruction, but the really amazing thing is that, according to News 12 Brooklyn, an archeologist at the site discovered what might be a 140-year-old wiener encased in ice. The historic hot dog doesn’t look half bad, either — in fact, if it’d been us who discovered it, we might’ve just hit it with some mustard and given it the “I Still Ate It” treatment.

Update: 140-Year-Old Hot Dog Was a Phony Coney

STRANGE BUT TRUE: 140-Year-Old Fossilized Hot Dog Found on Coney Island [ABC 6]