Where to Become an Organic Urban Farmer

Photo: Gabriel, Sown Together via Flickr

Want to be like Mama Obama and have your own city garden of veggies and herbs? Tara at Silver Lake Farms is offering a two-part introductory course in organic urban farming that costs $50 per person each class and includes seeds and supplies. The classes cover how to install your own garden, though if you desire an urban chicken coop (and who doesn’t?), she will help you build that privately. The first part of the program shows wanna-be farmers how to plant in raised beds, containers, and straight in the ground, as well as lessons on soil, irrigation, fruit tree planting, and how to get rid of that pesky lawn to make room for edibles.

The second part of the program will teach you how to get the garden you started in the first class planted into the ground, plus how to make your own organic fertilizer. Some more complicated ideas will be reviewed here as well, like introducing other species and insects to benefit your harvest, and the specifics of crop rotation and spacing. If urban farming seems desirable or intimidating, these $50 classes by one of the city’s leading urban farming group should lead you to your first pitchfork and overalls. Part I of the program will recur on the 6th of February and March, with their follow-ups courses on the following Sundays. Classes are limited to 15 participants on a first-come basis and reservations can be made at 323-644-3700. For more information, visit Silver Lake Farms’ website.