We Have a Winner for Two Tickets to the International Wine Festival

Photo: Delphaber via Flickr

We have a winner for two tickets to Drink.Eat.Play’s International Wine Festival, taking place at the Renaissance Hollywood this Saturday with a staggering selection of wines that trot the globe. We asked our readers who they would make a wine for and what kind of a taste profile we could look forward to. Unlike the scary, stormy symphony accosting us from outside, we hardly received a downpour of entries. Nonetheless, a winner must be chosen and the winning entry is below.

We’re proud to award the two tickets to Jesse Fox. Jesse, you and an associate will be going to The International Wine Festival on Drink.Eat.Play this weekend! Thanks to everybody who entered. And now for the winning entry:

We asked “Who would you create a wine for? What would it taste like?”

Jesse Fox answers:

For: Jay Leno, Jeff Zucker, Jeff Gaspin
Name: “Hack”
Taste: Designed to give the three J’s a taste of their own medicine, with a note of stale jokes and a hint of crumbling network