TruXMap Builds Better Food Truck Tracker; Reggae Chicken Truck Rolls Out

Photo: Jason lam via Flickr

TruXMap has just built the best food truck tracker we’ve seen so far. The site has a real-time Google map that shows truck locations up to the minute, so with one look at the city, you can see where your favorite roaming eats are or find out who is closest to you. The site can be searched by zip code and also has advanced schedules so you can see if and when a truck will be near you in coming days. It was just last month that we were asking for a real-time truck map to meet our needs, and so far TruXMap has delivered. The site is planning to come to San Francisco and New York soon.

It appears that the minds behind TruXMap aren’t the only ones bringing Grub Street’s December dreams into reality. We joked about a jerk chicken truck showing up on our streets last month and that appears to be happening too. Squid Ink lets us know that the “Reggae Chicken” truck is rolling out today, with a limited menu of grilled jerk chicken and jerk pork, plus patties and salt fish from back ‘a yard, though the proprietor is from L.A. with Jamaican roots. Reggae Chicken will have music to blast, hopefully setting up a potential soundclash with Kogi’s Alpine. Follow Reggae Chicken on Twitter as it rolls out today on soft runs.

Reggae Chicken: Jamaican-American Fusion Food Truck Rolls Out [Squid Ink]