The Mystery of the Deep-Fried Bacon Cupcakes

Photo: Serious Eats

Last Friday we got a civilian tip stating that in honor of the King’s birthday, the Park Slope ChipShop was deep-frying cupcakes topped with peanut-butter buttercream and candied bacon all weekend long. Cupcakes Take the Cake picked up the tip and ran with it (that site said the cupcakes were to be provided by Robicelli’s, and the bakery’s Facebook page said the same), but we’ve called ChipShop owner Christopher Sell, who writes the restaurant’s menu, and he says he has no idea what anyone is talking about. What’s more, when FIPS made an excited trip down to ChipShop, staffers were similarly in the dark about the promotion.

Robicelli’s then tweeted an explanation: “[ChipShop] called us last night and said they had a problem with the oil, so they had to cap the special to last night only. Boourns.” But today Sell insists to us: “Nobody has spoken to me about it. I don’t know anything about it. Depending on what they look like and what they are I may give it a go but it’s certainly not on the menu. Maybe the person who owns the bakery is trying to get some publicity out of it.” Weird. Anyway, to tide you over, Serious Eats has a recipe for deep-fried cupcakes on a stick.