The Bristol Rides the Brain Train

The Mangalitsa's brain, plus extraneous matter.
The Mangalitsa’s brain, plus extraneous matter. Photo: wikimedia

Perhaps the final frontier in offal is animal brains — we can dive into kidneys with joy, sweetbreads, no problemo, but we’ll admit to a little bit of squeamishness when it comes to the gray matter. But leave it to The Bristol to spin it in a way that’s easy to try (as opposed to L.A. favorite brain tacos, also available here in town, which we’ve never been able to wrap our palates around).

Cashing in on three hot culinary trends at once, Chris Pandel’s mitigating up the offal (that’s one) and gross-out (that’s two) factors by presenting the brains of Mangalitsa pigs (and that’s the third) in easy-to-eat tortelloni form. The brains are poached and pureed, blended with ricotta and lemon, and folded into the pasta, where it’s served up in a meaty broth spiked with tomato, lemon, tarragon, and almonds. [RIA]