Tavern on the Green Even More Bankrupt; Edible Schoolyard Comes to Brooklyn


• Though Tavern on the Green initially claimed $8 million of debt when filing for bankruptcy, court papers show that the total is closer to $15 million. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

• Gravesend’s P.S. 216 will be New York’s first to house the controversial Alice Waters–backed Edible Schoolyard program. [NYT]
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• David Beckham is currently enrolled in a pasta-making course in Italy. [Mirror UK]

• Albert Capsouto, one of the founders of Capsouto Frères, has died at 56. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

• Once a special-occasion luxury, tasting menus are now largely affordable. [NRN]

• Medical tweezers are chefs’ new tool of choice for placing garnishes on dishes. [NYT]

• Offal is reaching a “ubiquity of near-pork-belly proportions.” [NYO]

• Russia has instituted a ban on U.S. chicken imports. [NYT]

• A burger variation called pljeskavica is popular in the city’s Balkan enclaves like Astoria and Ridgewood. [NYT]

• Weight Watchers is suing Jenny Craig for misleading references to clinical studies. [NYP]