Tacos and Meatballs Get the Takedown Treatment


Another day, another couple of cook-offs. In our mailbox today: Posters for the upcoming Meatball Slapdown (hosted by Brooklyn Kitchen and featuring the Meat Hook boys from Roberta’s, Bamonte’s, Frankies Sputino, and Roebling Tea Room), and also the Brooklyn Taco Experiment, the latest from the guys who used to compete in Matt Tibbs’s takedowns. As for Tibbs’s next event, it hasn’t been announced yet, but we’re sure there’ll be a follow-up to his recent Cookie Takedown soon. By the way, with all these competitions popping up, is a Takedown Takedown in order?

The Brooklyn Taco Experiment [Official Site]
Meatball Takedown [Brooklyn Grange Farms]