Stephen Starr Opening Every Possible Type of Restaurant Everywhere, All the Time

Stephen Starr
Stephen StarrPhoto: Patrick McMullan

Oh, Stephen. If we had a nickel for every tipster that told us you were out scouting locations - East Passyunk! The Piazza! The Italian Market! New York! - we could quit this writing racket and go eat Jujubes by a pool somewhere warm where no one has ever heard of you. You know we love you - or at least love wondering what you’ll do next - but lately, you’ve exhausted us with this ping-ponging of concepts and expansions and openings. And now comes word from Phoodie of a potential bier garten concept for Fishtown.

Nothing’s been confirmed by SRO thus far, but Phoodie’s sources attended a meeting with the property’s developers and neighbors of the proposed 250 seat beer garden at Frankford and Girard.

We’d love to analyze what all of this means for Fishtown, Starr, Johnny Brenda’s (which is just across the street from the location) and bier gartens in general, but we’re too busy keeping up with Starr’s second non-Stella pizza location next to Parc, a potential Stella in Chestnut Hill, the probably Mexican joint going into the Midtown IV and the Vietnamese restaurant in an unnamed New York hotel. Oh, and then there’s the rumored feud between Starr and Garces to consider, with Garces supposedly pondering a “Beer and Brats” project of his own in the Letto Deli - the same Letto Deli that Starr had once considered leasing himself.

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