Smoking Gun: Southside Owner Shown Getting Jiggy With Ciggy?

Photo: Melissa Hom/NYDN

As we mentioned earlier, the Daily News ran a story today about the city’s new move to revoke food and beverage permits from clubs like Southside for smoking violations. Accompanying the story was a photo with this caption: “Photo on Web site of Southside Night Club in Little Italy shows reveler enjoying a cigarette, in violation of city’s smoking ban.” But is the dude with the ciggy really just an anonymous “reveler”? Take a close look and you’ll see he bears a striking resemblance to Southside owner Anthony Martignetti. Strange that the club would put such an image on their own website (which is currently down). After all, Anthony’s brother Tom, who runs the lounge, told the Daily News, “There’s no smoking here.” We haven’t yet been able to get in touch with Anthony to confirm he is indeed the puff daddy in question, but this would appear to be the smoking gun.