Slideshow: Ricardo Zarate Brings Peru to Century City

Zarate’s Seco de Cordero

Mo-Chica mastermind Ricardo Zarate brought eight electrifying Peruvian recipes to dinner at BreadBar last night as the next chef in the restaurant’s monthly “Hatchi Series” that showcases thrilling, lesser-known toques of pronounced talent. Zarate riffed around the specialties, tender-loving touch, and ingredients that brings his restaurant the mega-attention evading most eateries stuffed into Central American/South Central swap meets. With Peruvian musicians in the house, as well as the fresh fish cuts Jonathan Gold called possibly “the best ceviche” he’d had since being kidnapped by the Lima police, Century City, for just one night, was passionately more Peruvian than one could have ever dreamed. So get some Rumillata on your radio and take a look at our slide show of some of the delectable dishes Zarate (who also moonlights as a chef at Wabi-Sabi) served last night.