SLA Humbly Asks Tech Nerds to Remove Its Shortcomings


Are you an IT whiz who’s tired of being a cog in the corporate machine and want to use your powers for the greater good? Well then, here’s your chance to participate in the most important undertaking of our time — cleaning up the State Liquor Authority so that more bars and restaurants can get booze! Today, the Authority (which of course has been undergoing a sort of twelve-step program) called on a higher power and put out a Request for Information seeking vendors to modernize their antiquated network of databases, apparently part of the reason for that months-long backlog.

Take a look at the document, below, to learn some fun facts about the SLA — e.g., a staff of 65 handles 35,089 license renewals, 5,179 new applications, and 30,308 permits per year. And another staff of 37 handles 4,027 disciplinary cases per year. The SLA will be interacting with potential vendors over the course of the next month, after which it’ll make its decision and you might get a piece of the $52 million in revenue the Authority expects to take in this year.

REQUEST FOR INFORMATION NO. 2010RFI01: “The SLA/ABC Revitalization Project” [PDF]