Simi Valley High School Rocks the Milkquarious Video Contest

Photo: YouTube

Our homework was never quite like this! Simi Valley’s Santa Susana High School has won $20,000 for their winning entry in Got Milk?’s national “Battle for Milkquarious, White Gold Milkdonkulous Giveaway.” The school’s students beat out over 100 other high schools with their short movie that recreated the final seven scenes of Got Milk?’s online rock opera featuring that milk-loving metal dude. While three other L.A. schools won $2,500 runner-up prizes, Santa Susana earned 11,000 public votes for their creativity and use of homemade costumes and props, as a bunch of students sport glam rock wigs, pants suits, and accessories like fake double-necked guitars. Check out the video of Santa Susana’s winning entry right here.

Los Angeles Area School Wins Got Milk H.S. Battle for Milkquarius Giveaway [MarketWire]