Sasha Petraske Aims to Open Jazz and Jigger Joint in Midtown

Photo: Courtesy of AMC

Fork in the Road reports that Sasha Petraske is, rather shockingly, taking his act to midtown, where he plans to open a Mad Men–esque cocktail joint, with weekend jazz, at Lexington Avenue and 39th Street. Unfortunately, an investor flaked on him and he’s currently in need of funding, but when Hi-Note is up and running, hopefully within two months, here’s what to expect: “The atmosphere of the place will be similar to that of Little Branch, he says, which has a piano, whose ivories get tickled for tipplers’ enjoyment. The new place will have more of a late-1950s aesthetic.” First Chang, now Petraske — who’ll be the next East Villager to try their hand in midtown?

Sasha Petraske to Open a Jazzy Cocktail Lounge in Midtown… If Only He Can Finance It [Fork in the Road/VV]