Sasha Petraske Aims to Open Jazz and Jigger Joint in Midtown


Fork in the Road reports that Sasha Petraske is, rather shockingly, taking his act to midtown, where he plans to open a Mad Men–esque cocktail joint, with weekend jazz, at Lexington Avenue and 39th Street. Unfortunately, an investor flaked on him and he’s currently in need of funding, but when Hi-Note is up and running, hopefully within two months, here’s what to expect: “The atmosphere of the place will be similar to that of Little Branch, he says, which has a piano, whose ivories get tickled for tipplers' enjoyment. The new place will have more of a late-1950s aesthetic.” First Chang, now Petraske — who’ll be the next East Villager to try their hand in midtown?

Sasha Petraske to Open a Jazzy Cocktail Lounge in Midtown... If Only He Can Finance It [Fork in the Road/VV]