Quarter-Pounder Inventor Dies, Leaving Us to a World of Drive-Thru Diets


Did you catch this one while channel surfing your New Year’s hangover away? Taco Bell is advertising a “drive-thru diet” and apparently hoping that Christine, who lost 54 pounds by eating off of the new “fresco” menu (oh, and by reducing her general intake by 500 calories to 1,250 per day), is the new Jared. If you haven’t seen this already, pay close attention to the hilarious disclaimers at the bottom of the screen (“not a low-calorie food!”). Also see the Drive-Thru Diet website, complete with entreaties that you make a New Year’s “frescolution” (wha—?). Please, people: Can we honor Al Bernardin, inventor of the McDonald’s Quarter Pounder (who has died of a stroke), and just call a spade a spade?

Al Bernardin: Invented McDonald’s Quarter Pounder [Chicago Tribune]