PETA Weighs In on White Slab Palace’s Rogue Taxidermy

Photo: Daniel Maurer

Last week it was revealed that a web designer filed suit against White Slab Palace after a 150-pound caribou head fell on her. The folks at PETA (always game for publicity — and just as susceptible as we are to bad puns) have now issued a press release saying that maybe the incident was “bad karma.” The release reads: “Few sights are more off-putting at dinner than a dead head looming over the plate, and who wants to be reminded of blood sports while they’re sipping a Bloody Mary.” (Wince.) Maybe this wouldn’t have happened if White Slab had followed the lead of the venerable Gabriel’s Gate in Buffalo, New York, which prints the above disclaimer on its menus. A warning to “Beware of Falling Objects” wouldn’t have hurt, either.

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