PETA Craps All Over Colonel Sanders Tribute

Photo: Courtesy of KFC

The Colonel is getting it coming and going: Earlier this week, a lawsuit was filed by KFC franchisees in protest of Corporate HQ’s excessive plugging of grilled chicken over the original recipe. And now, PETA is opposing a group from Corbin, Kentucky (home of the first KFC) seeking to raise funds for a ten-foot statue of the Colonel. A rep says that in response, PETA is applying for a permit to “place a life-size rendition of Colonel Sanders made entirely of chicken feces in downtown Corbin. PETA’s statue radiates the smell of the crowded, filthy sheds in which chickens are forced to live out their short lives before being killed for KFC’s buckets.” Hmph. Meanwhile, here’s a fun fact care of a Nation’s Restaurant News item about KFC’s new “fiery” grilled wings promotion: “A spokesman for the chicken producers’ trade body also said that Super Bowl Sunday accounted for about 4 percent of annual wing sales.”

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