Offal Good News: The Vanderbilt Does Brunch, Fette Sau Owner Opens New One

The Vanderbilt
The Vanderbilt Photo: Hannah Whitaker/New York Magazine

While the hearts-and-parts trend is on everyone’s mind, here’s news from two offal-centric establishments. We’re told the Vanderbilt will start serving Sunday brunch on February 7, with Saturday service to be added in March. Take a look at the menu below and you’ll see some familiar favorites from the dinner menu (homemade jerky, pickled eggs, etc.) along with newcomers such as baked eggs, a bacon-and-onion tart, and grits with sausage and shrimp.

Meanwhile, Off the Presses brings news that Joe Carroll of Fette Sau has taken over a space next to his other place, Spuyten Duyvil, and plans to open it next month as St. Anselm (Before it was delayed, Rob Patronite and Robin Raisfeld included the restaurant in their Fall “want-to-eats”). In addition to doing “something similar in wine to what we do at Spuyten Duyvil with beer” (meaning, it’ll be a wine bar?), it will serve what Carroll calls “a mix of high-brow, low-brow stuff. We’re doing burgers and dogs and also doing old school diner, blue-plate special things. A lot of offal, a lot of organ meat dishes, and a pretty sizable wine list.”

The Vanderbilt brunch menu [PDF]
Spuyten Duyvil Owner’s New Wine Diner, St. Anselm, Close to Opening [Off the Presses]