New Yorkers for Hershey; Gordon Ramsay Visits India


• Gordon Ramsay admits that he’s doing a new TV show in India “because the last 12 months have been pretty shitty.” [Mirror UK]

• In an unscientific survey, New Yorkers preferred Hershey chocolate to Kraft and Cadbury. [NYDN]

• Restaulounge-Bar De’Vill never opened in the East Village, and the building manager accuses the lounge’s owners of kidnapping and torture. [NYP]

• Seattle’s Best Coffee will soon debut a line of canned iced-coffee beverages. [NRN]

• Oscar Mayer’s new ad campaign is the first to focus on the brand’s entire line of meats. [NYT]

• During a recent Weight Watchers meeting in Sweden, the room’s floor collapsed. [NYP]