Monsieur Egg Push Cart Cracking Food Truck Trend

"I am the Eggman!"
“I am the Eggman!” Photo: Monsieur Egg

Today we smacked into Jonathan Gold’s worst nightmare: an armless, legless, eyeless, mustachioed Eggman out of some misplaced Gogol story with his sights set on feeding Downtown. His street name is Monsieur Egg and his facial hair appears dastardly. For eggcentrics, the food push cart (take that gas-huffers!) boasts omelets and other recipes that use gourmet ovum as well as coffee, baked matter, and other breakfast necessities “for the Downtowner on the go.” LAist learned that Monsieur Egg could hatch his plot around January 31st on a test-run near or at the Silver Lake Farmer’s Market and plans to go big on February 3rd. Menu items are up on this good sir’s Facebook page, where the early media attention due any mobile food concept has him admitting,”Not one egg cracked yet and I think we have peaked…” Follow his progress on Twitter.

Nearly Hatched: The Monsieur Egg Food Cart [LAist]