Miracle Grill Went Out Owing $380,000

Photo: Andrew Karcie

A few weeks ago when Southwestern institution Miracle Grill followed its East Village shuttering with a Park Slope closure, Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn wondered “if the ever-crowded Barrio right across the street put them out of business or if it’s just a sign of the economic times that they couldn’t make it.” Now Crain’s brings an answer: The restaurant’s lawyer says they filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy because of the downturn in the economy. The brunch standby, which counted Bobby Flay as its first chef, had $35,000 in assets and over $380,000 in liabilities. “It owes money to more than 50 creditors, including a debt of more than $3,500 to Joli Seafood and Meat in Brooklyn and another of $470 to Longo Coffee & Tea on Bleecker Street.”

Park Slope brunch spot is another recession victim [Crain’s]