Make Brooklyn Maple Syrup While You Get Ready for Brooklyn Beef Jerky

Photo: Fork in the Road

Today in hyperlocavorism: The Stoop’s “Urban Forager,” Ava Chin, experiments with tapping a maple tree in Fort Greene and making quite delicious maple syrup. She’s just in it for fun, but researcher Michael Farrell tells her there are an abundance of tappable trees growing in the city and “if someone did it on a commercial scale they could make a fortune.” Meanwhile, come April, Kings County Jerky Co. hopes to be making a fortune selling wood-smoked, grass-fed jerky in orange-ginger, classic, and bulgogi flavors at places like Radegast Hall and Brouwerij Lane. (They’ve been sourcing their eye round from the Meat Hook, where else.)

As to why manufacturers Chris Woehrle (a graphic designer) and Robert Stout (who works in the music industry) changed the name from Bklyn Batch Craft Jerky, Woehrle says, “The Brooklyn thing is pretty much saturated at this point.” Okay, sure, but with Kings County Distillery also on the horizon, the Kings County thing looks to have a limited shelf life, too.

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