Kogi’s Roy Choi Reveals New Restaurant Recipe Ideas

Photo: David Berkowitz via Flickr

Anticipation is skyrocketing as Kogi blindsided those-who-want-to-know (and we want to know) with the news that it’s parking its truckin’ chef in his own yet-to-be-named restaurant in West L.A. to prepare rice bowls. The Wall Street Journal jumped on Roy “Emeril Saved My Life” Choi today, and after placing the burden of transforming “the future of food” on his shoulders, lets him dish on what’s going to be served. Choi divulges that the food will be McDonalds-cheap (mega-chain aspirations anyone?) yet envisions “bacon-fat-studded chestnuts and fresh herbs on braised lamb; steak with a soft-poached egg and hand-crushed sesame seeds; organic rice, braised pork-belly, fresh-water spinach in a beautiful broth with sesame leaves” for the rice bowls. The Kogi chef is apparently sweating nothing, predicting “cars backed up 20 deep.”

The King of the Streets Moves Indoors [Wall Street Journal]