Jamie Oliver Explores Global Barbecue While Restaurant Goes Up in Smoke

Adam Perry Lang says his new venture won't be just American barbecue.
Adam Perry Lang says his new venture won’t be just American barbecue.

Though some U.K. outlets have reported that his London project with Jamie Oliver will focus on American barbecue à la Daisy May’s, Adam Perry Lang has sent a statement to Grub Street assuring us that he’s in fact sticking with the global concept he outlined earlier. Here’s Lang with more on the new venture.

Our new restaurant concept won’t be at all like what I created at Daisy May’s: American BBQ. The new place will be all about the influences from around the world of international barbecues. The dishes on the menu will originate from the diverse equipment and different woods and charcoals we will be using. Wood burning ovens, robata grills, tandoors, open pits and slow burning smokehouses, to name just a few. And it won’t ever be a chain. Our aim is to create a collection of restaurants that stick to our core principals but are customized for each different location.

Elsewhere in Jamie’s world, a former manager of his Melbourne restaurant, Fifteen, has been ordered to stand trial for allegedly stealing from the restaurant and aiding in a fire to cover it up.