Iron Chef America: Battle White House!

Photo: Courtesy of Food Network

In case you missed it because of all that Cablevision business, The Wall Street Journal’s Speakeasy blog has a fun little recap of last night’s Iron Chef America, in which Michelle Obama challenged teams Lagasse/Batali and Flay/Comerford to make dishes using anything out of the White House garden. “Mario, I do love you,” writes Dawn Fallik, “but not your Casper Ghost-white legs stomping across 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in orange clogs. Could you not have worn pants?” Off camera, Batali joked with Michelle that her “Batali orange” dress might also be called “Obamatali orange,” but LimeLife thinks he lost because his ravioli filled with sweet potato, ricotta, and goat cheese didn’t exactly click with the First Lady’s anti-obesity efforts. Sam Sifton seems to agree: “It is hardly cynical to observe that there is a protocol at work here, nor to suggest that “Iron Chef” is as rigged as a Cirque du Soleil performance.”

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