Huffington Post’s One for the Table Recounts Best Bites of ‘09

Ludo Lefebvre: the next Colonel Sanders?
Ludo Lefebvre: the next Colonel Sanders? Photo: Hadley Tomicki

Lisa Dinsmore of The Huffington Post’s One For the Table food blog recounts her best meals of 2009, earning our trust and approval the second she calls for Ludo Lefebvre to open his own fried chicken restaurant after tasting the supreme version at his LudoBites. Elsewhere in L.A., Animal’s foie gras biscuit with maple sausage gravy joins Jitlada’s crispy morning glory Thai salad and Petrossian’s smoked salmon with toast points as dishes that rocked Dinsmore’s world.

Looking outside of L.A., Chicago’s The Gage is celebrated for wrapping a Scotch egg in sausage and plunging it into the deep fryer, while fried food gets yet another heart-slowing shout-out with The Beachcomber’s fried clam basket in Wellfleet, Massachusetts. Going back to Cali, Paso Robles’ Artisan is acknowledged for a smoked gouda and porter fondue, alongside truffled goat cheese by Paso Robles Cheese Co. In case you’re worried for the health of Dinsmore, she clarifies “My cholesterol is fine by the way.”

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