Forget BYOB, Bring Your Own Fish!


In an effort to keep expenses down, some diners have been bringing their own wine to restaurants. But Sagaponack, which opened for dinner this past Wednesday, is taking the interactive concept to a new level by inviting customers to bring their own fish on Mondays and Tuesdays. For a $15 plate charge, owner James Kang will cook up the catch and serve it with fresh vegetables and a choice of truffled mashed potatoes or seven-grain rice.

“I’m a fisherman, and there are places in Montauk, the Bahamas, and the Keys where I can bring in a nice fish I catch and they will prepare it. I didn’t know of any places in New York that did that,” he explained. Kang’s idea is that fellow fishermen can bring in their weekend haul and enjoy it professionally cooked in a restaurant setting, but those that come in with a Citarella purchase won’t be turned away. “Who is to say they didn’t catch it?” he shrugs. Hopefully those who bring their own seafood will be good enough to purchase their wine from the restaurant. “One hopes so,” says Kang. “But if they insist on bringing their own, we will allow it. These days, the customer is king.”