Food Network Back on Cable; Chef Stabbed at Algonquin


Food Network returns for Cablevision users today, following undisclosed negotiations with Scripps. [BusinessWeek]
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An Algonquin Hotel waiter is accused of stabbing a sous-chef and a host with a butter knife. [NYP]

Calorie-posting laws compel restaurants like Starbucks and Applebees to introduce low-calorie dishes. [WSJ]

Cutting salt by three grams a day could prevent 99,000 deaths and 92,000 heart attacks a year in the U.S., says a new study. [NYDN]

Up to a quarter of Italys mozzarella makers may be diluting their buffalo milk with cows milk. [Times UK]

The Baltimore Health Department and a soup kitchen called Manna House just launched an educational program to reduce local salt consumption. [Baltimore Sun]