Finally, Maxim Meets Gourmet!


Double X brings news of a German cooking magazine, Beef, that, frankly, we’re surprised doesn’t exist here yet. Beef is meant to appeal to the Scott “Shameless Carnivore” Gold variety of home cook. (Gold’s current Facebook status: “Dear Greenpoint: if you’re wondering why your neighborhood smells like natural lump charcoal and applewood smoke, I did it. You’re welcome.”) Typical lines from the first issue: “If a woman is invited to a meeting of a men’s cooking club, either a couple of guys chipped in to get another member a stripper for his birthday, or the evening’s shot … ” And: “We want to know more about the pressure in the espresso machine, how bisons are fed, the sharpness of Japanese knives, the global fish market … the new Porsche-design kitchen and and and.” But will they tell us how to make manly cupcakes?

Cooking Made Manly [Double X]