Eat Like a Caveman; Bethenny Frankel’s Shopping Tips


• A group of New Yorkers are following a cavemanlike diet,
eschewing post-agricultural foods like bread. [NYT via Daily Intel]

• Giada de Laurentiis’s new line of cookware is now for sale at
Target. [Epi-Log]

• Bethenny Frankel recommends going to the Whole Foods in the financial district on Sunday nights to avoid crowds. [NYDN]

• A group of KFC franchisees are suing the company, charging
that its focus on grilled (as opposed to fried) chicken is hurting
sales. [NYP]

• Some processed foods, like Chef Boyardee, have significantly
decreased their sodium in the past few years without advertising it. [WSJ]

• The early bird special is popular again in Florida, this time
with younger people lured by the well-priced meals. [NYT]