Did Matt Levine Hook Up Jersey Shore Cast After Banning Them?


Remember when Matt Levine pretty much banned the cast of Jersey Shore from the Eldridge and we joked that they might want to instead check out the Hotel on Rivington (where Levine runs LevantEAST) because theres a hot tub on the roof? Well, it actually happened! Michael Cera recently chilled with Snooki and the gang (Cera tells Vulture today that hes a big fan of the show), and yesterday video surfaced of them on the Hotel on Rivs rooftop, right in Matt Levines backyard! The question is, who provided those Bloody Marylooking drinks? Could it have been Levines LEVANTeast? Weve contacted him to find out whether hes softened up on the kids, and whether he got any autographs.

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