Charlie Trotter Hires Blind Chef Laura Martinez

Photo: AFP / Getty Images

Thus far, Le Cordon Bleu culinary student Laura Martinez has received more attention for the fact that she’s blind than for her skill in the kitchen. But since this sort of story tends to be heartwarming, we’re not too surprised to see that there’s been a happy-ending twist. Thanks to Martinez’s coverage in the Tribune and on CBS Chicago (and, of course, her own considerable culinary talent), she’s been hired by Charlie Trotter to work at his eponymous restaurant.

“We’re excited to take her on,” Trotter told the Trib, noting that Martinez will be “treated just like everybody else.” It’s a sweet gig, to be sure, but considering Trotter’s reputation as a boss, being treated just like everybody else could mean that Martinez is in for something of a trial by fire. [Trib]