Chains Find the Upside of Menu Labeling

Photo: Daniel Maurer

The Washington Post spills some interesting stats on menu labeling. Fun fact: Pizzeria Uno abandoned an attempt to re-jigger its famously fattening deep-dish pizza when they couldn’t come up with a lower-calorie recipe that tasted as good as the original, but their new flatbreads (part of a general trend to introduce calorie-cutting menus such as Taco Bell’s Fresco fiasco) have proven big sellers. And this: “At Le Pain Quotidien, the top-selling tartine, or open-faced sandwich, had been a 690-calorie grilled chicken with smoked mozzarella. Within months of the chain’s move to post calories, the 350-calorie smoked-salmon tartine had risen from the No. 7 spot to become the best-seller.”

Chain Restaurants Such As KFC, Uno and Starbucks are Finding That Calories Count [WP]