Candy Bars Replace Glow Sticks at Limelight


It used to be that the only edibles you could buy at the Limelight were ecstasy and special K, but as the Limelight Marketplace gears up for its March 1 opening, the vendor lineup just gets sweeter and sweeter. First Mari Tuttles brownies came aboard; then a candy store and toy shop, Its Sugar, from Jeff Rubin of Dylan's Candy Bar; and now were told the latest vendor to sign on is MarieBelle New York. The upscale chocolatier will open a branch in the marketplaces third-floor skybox, where the D.J. booth used to be.

Like the Soho store, there will be a retail area as well as a cocoa bar serving teas and hot chocolates, and a MarieBelle pushcart will make its way around the market. (Despite our entreaties, were assuming theyll continue to sprinkle rose petals on all of your purchases.) The Marketplace has yet to announce operators for its two full-service restaurants, but were assured by a rep that theyre going to be well known.