Busby’s Denied Pool Party Plans

No pool party for this endangered club
No pool party for this endangered club Photo: BeSighYawn via Flickr

Further heinousness ceased from spreading when The Santa Monica Planning Commission voted against Busby’s expansion plans this week. The restaurant and lounge, popular with frat-people and the lushes who love them, sought to expand with an outdoor space, pool, and spa in the wake of hard times that have obliterated its once massive crowds. Neighbors argued whether security, parking, and noise levels would suffer with an expansion, causing the commission to eventually deny the proposal, while giving room for Busby’s to redraft the plans and try again. We were just bemoaning the neighborhood’s loss of Del’s to offer alternatives to Bruin dens like Busby’s and feel fortunate to dodge this bigger chlorine and cosmo-soaked bullet.

Planning Board Denies Busby Expansion Request [Santa Monica Mirror]