Brooklyn’s Latest Cook-Off Will Be Soup-er Fun


Soup and Bread, the Chicago bar event where local personalities ladle their free homemade soups and then pass the hat on behalf of local food pantries, is coming to Brooklyn. Organizers Sheila Sacks and Martha Bayne (who started the event while bartending at one of our favorite Second City dance dens, the Hideout) have wrangled a host of local chefs and bloggers to cook at the Bell House on February 4 from 6 p.m. till 9 p.m. Here’s the latest lineup.

Cathy Erway, of the terrific Not Eating Out in New York (and the new book drawn from the blog, The Art of Eating In).

Gabe McMackin, of Roberta’s Pizza

Jimmy Carbone, of Jimmy’s No. 43

Matt Greco, chef at Char No. 4

Ben Schneider, owner of the Good Fork (or … someone from the Good Fork)

Grub Street Chicago editor Helen Rosner
Blogger Dave Klopfenstein, of Dave’s Kitchen fame.

Ben Schneider, owner of the Good Fork (or, well, someone from the GF more likely)

Our friend Millicent Souris, now of the Roebling Tea Room

Jason Bitner of … a zillion different projects, but most recently Cassette From My Ex, the book and the blog, and LaPorte, Indiana, the book and the film.

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