Bronx Flavor: The Most Preposterously Entertaining Food Show of All Time?

Photo: Bronx Flavor

Bronx Flavor won’t be news to you if you’re an avid viewer of Cablevision’s Channel 67 (or if you read the Times profile of creator Justin Fornal), but we’ve somehow only just now gotten wind of it, and we have to share. Not only are the plotlines about as nuts as Thu Tran’s Food Party (it’s hosted by one Baron Ambrosia, a sort of Goth dandy whose motto is “stay preposterous” and who “explores the world through his mouth, crushing quackery north and south,” according to his theme song), but it also introduces viewers to some true hidden gems in what the Baron considers “New York’s most sensuous borough.”

Pimping around in a hot-pink hot rod, Fornal visits everywhere from chimichurri trucks to home-cooking joints where he experiences “chitlin rapture” (Berzet’s Soul Food), to obscure ethnic spots like Garifuna Star, where he quaffs an aphrodisiac root tonic, giffiti. There are countless great tips here, starting with the latest episode’s advice on scoring pancita at Xochimilco — that’s goat’s stomach stuffed with chopped kidneys, intestines, blood, and chilies. Though you’ll want to think twice before fixing yourself a 160-ounce pimp cup of “bodega Ayahuasca.”

Bronx Flavor [Official Site]