Bow WOW: China May Finally Ban Dog and Cat Meat


Okay, you decide which of these items is more disturbing. Option one: A Minnesota woman has pleaded guilty to microwaving a rat and then pretending that it ended up in her meal, in order to extort a restaurant for $500,000. Or option two: A man was arrested in the Philippines for attempting to deliver 79 slaughtered dogs to “back-street restaurants.” The act is illegal in the Philippines, and according to another article in the Cleveland Leader today, a bill going to China’s Parliament in April may finally ban dog and cat meat there, by imposing fines of up to $735 (or up to fifteen days in prison) on anyone caught eating so-called fragrant meat, and fines of up to $7,325 on anyone caught serving it. Curiously, the Wikipedia entry on dog meat indicates that certain U.S. Chinese restaurants such as Rosemead, California’s Northern Chinese restaurant, serve “imitation dog meat.” What is it, usually? Pulled pork.

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