Blogger Stunts: Hagan Blount’s 93 Plates, Zach Brooks’s Good-bye Tour


Checking in with a couple of grand food tours today, we see that Hagan Blount of Wandering Foodie is about to conclude his quest to blog three restaurant meals per day for 31 days, with various fellow food bloggers as tablemates. Blount tells us all of his dining companions over the past month will convene for his final meal at Hill Country at 7 p.m. on January 31: “I’ve done little exercise this month, and in my bid to get the gout, I am taking all comers in a rib eating contest, proving that I’m still hungry for further adventures!” Meanwhile, one of his tablemates, Zach Brooks, is four days into his “farewell lunch tour,” visiting old favorites like the Jamaican Dutchy cart, Kwik Meal, the Biryani cart, and more.

93 Plates [Wandering Foodie]
Farewell Lunch Tour [Midtown Lunch]